About Us

Dr. Julie Hjorth, Osteopath

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit. I’m Julie, principal osteopath at Ferguson St Osteo. 

I graduated from RMIT University in 2010 with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy and soon after begun practicing in Fremantle, Western Australia, enjoying the sun and sand culture. During this time, I also completed a Graduate Diploma in Public Health to feed my ever growing passion in global health issues. In 2014 I returned back to my beloved Melbourne, locumed at a few clinics around the place, but soon opened up here in Willy. Williamstown is a beautiful place to work so I am gracious for the opportunity to have a clinic here. 

Keeping up to date with research is important to me and I enjoy expanding my knowledge base, so am constantly attending courses and collaborating with other osteopaths and healthcare professionals across Australia and abroad. Much of my further learning has been focused on paediatrics and biodynamic osteopathy. I also have training in areas such as supplement advice, ergonomics and chronic pain management. I hold a current first aid certificate and working with children check.

In conjunction with practicing at FSO, I also work as a clinical supervisor and tutor at RMIT; teaching, assessing and mentoring the student osteopaths in their final years at university.

I enjoy treating people of all ages and backgrounds, but have a special interest in treating women during and after pregnancy. My treatment style involves using ‘all the tools’ in the osteopathic toolkit. This includes a range of manipulation techniques involving movements and pressure with more gentle balancing techniques. I feel very privileged to be an osteopath and believe in working with the patient to fully understand the problem and figure out the best way to treat and manage the complaint.

When not at work, I have been fortunate enough to travel the globe extensively but most weekends you’ll find me hauling 100m up some vertical rock face, or sipping a cuppa with a book on my porch. It’s the outdoors I love the most.

If you have any questions about me, osteopathy in general or wish to make a booking – you can do all of the above on our Contact page.

Hope to meet you soon!

Julie ☺

Registered Osteopath
B. App. Sci (Comp Med), M.Ost, GradDip PH

Jacqueline Roy

I’d like to officially introduce you to Jacqueline Roy, our newest osteopath.

Jackie started with us in March 2019, initially as a locum while Julie was on holidays, but she proved to be too good to let go of! Jackie brings a brightness and enthusiasm to her practice that lightens up the clinic. She bloody loves being an osteo and has already commented numerous times on how great all of our FSO clients are. Jackie’s treatments are bliss and you will feel completely at ease her presence.

When not osteo-ing Jackie is a rowing coach in Maribyrnong (after 6 years of competitive rowing), she is often hanging out and catching a film down at the Sun, likes to dance whenever the beat drops and on weekends go bushwalking with her girlfriend Savannah.

Jackie is starting out on Tuesday mornings and Thursday arvo’s but watch this space as her hours will expand shortly.

Dr. Ellen Anchen, Osteopath

Welcome to Ellen our new associate at FSO, starting early 2017. Ellen has a treatment and management approach that compliments the active lifestyle of people in the community we serve. She has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (focusing on pathology, physiology and allied health) as well as her osteopathic qualifications – Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) so is well versed in the workings of the body.

Ellen is passionate about helping others and is always eager to learn new things to further her development as an osteopath, having completed training in pilates, rocktaping and dry needling (not yet available at FSO). Wanting to see you back out there doing what you love most, Ellen has a strong focus on rehabilitation and correcting lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your complaints. This includes exercise prescription, posture education and ergonomic advice.

When not at work, Ellen can be found kicking ass at the ice hockey rink or on the field playing some other sport, so she fully understands the importance of moving without pain or limitation and tailors her treatments to match the individuals needs.

At the moment Ellen is available only on Thursdays, but this will expand as 2017 progresses. She is also the patron saint of the clinic when Julie is away.

Click here to get an appointment with Ellen!

Alayne Hamilton

Wanting to send out a huge welcome to our newest family member at FSO – Alayne Hamilton. Alayne is not only a massage therapist, offering relaxation and therapeutic massage services, but also a senior osteopathy student at RMIT! So we can definitely vouch for her hands 🙂

Although she has found her career path as an osteo, and loving work with massage while she completes her studies, Alayne already has an existing career as an outdoor guide. Alayne, an native Tasmanian, has been a rafting guide on the world heritage Franklin River for 7 years and competed in the world kayaking champs.
Most of the time, however, you can find her playing with her two boisterous dogs Mackie and Dougall, or helping her husband Mike build their tiny home.

Jade Chand-Aldous

Jade is the cog in the wheels behind FSO. Maning the phones day and night (literally) since early days in the clinic, Jade is the one answering your calls and texts. But she is more than just the ladyontheotherendofthephone, she also helps keep the clinic paperwork in order, ensures dust doesn’t take over and most of all she keeps us in line!

Her friendly, flexible and helpful nature are a godsend to me and I know I’m not the only one grateful for her efficiencies while juggling full time toddler parenting with clinic management.