Ferguson St Osteo Values


Our Vision

We see a world where there is health equity for all, where barriers to healthcare access and no longer, availability of nutritious food is global, communities no longer live in fear of war, prosecution or family violence, and where education and health literacy is a given.

At FSO we pride ourselves in acceptance and offering care to all, through being:

Family friendly

LGBTI friendly

Culture diverse sensitive


Mission Statement

We believe in offering treatment and case management that leaves no stone unturned in looking at the causes of the causes. We aim to achieve this through spending time with our patients, allowing each treatment to address whatever is needed at the time of presentation.

We see the role of any clinican as that of the problem solver – that which is done best as a joined approach through the patients own history, experiences and preferences combined with practitioner experience, knowledge, health networks and valid resources when knowledge limits are reached.

Our pride is not only in the quality of care we give our patients, but also in our acknowledgement of when we can’t help or need to refer elsewhere which leads to our next value:

Team care. For the greater good of the individual, the practice and the community at large, we understand the importance of shared care and knowledge when appropriate and that even informing other practitioners plays an important role in supporting you.


Our Passion

Child health andĀ development

Womens right and equality

Refugee health

Global health

Social determinants of health

Stress management

Chronic pain management

As a private clinic with limited scope of practice and experience, our direct ability to assist these populations is limited. however we stand in support and advocate for them and add our voice whenever we can.

Projects we support: