Babies and Toddlers

Osteopaths are trained in assessing and treating babies’ musculoskeletal system. Treatment of babies enlists gentle technique, where by the practitioner puts his/her hands on the baby and makes just the subtlest of movements to help the baby relax. This is possible through the osteopaths advanced palpation skills and should cause no pain or discomfort to the baby (7). Many of our parents find their babies relaxed after their session with the osteo, which can enable everyone at home to have some much needed rest!

Appointments for babies and toddlers are available with our osteopath Julie who has extensive training and experience in treating this age group. If you are unsure if osteopathy may be useful for your child – feel free to give the clinic a call and Julie will chat with you to help decide if seeing an osteopath is a path you wish to choose. Although we have a high intake of infants at Ferguson St Osteopathy, we fully acknowledge that some problems are beyond our scope of practice and in these situations we will refer the family on to the most relevant source, be it the GP, lactation consultant or paediatrician.

CUTIES infant colic trial

Ferguson St Osteo is taking part in an international study on the impacts of osteopathic care on reducing crying time on infants with colic. The study CUTIES (Crying, Unsettled, disTressed Infants: Effectiveness Study) is recruiting infants under 10 weeks of age who meet the following criteria:

  • Baby crying excessively (more than 3 hours of crying a day for 3 days or more in a week)
  • Baby healthy and thriving

Click below to check out the information flyer or call the clinic for more info or to express interest in the study

CUTIES recruitment poster