Children can experience pain and discomfort from falls and accidents, sports injuries, postural problems and even rapid growth. Osteopathy may be of help to children with these issues through treatment aimed at keeping the structures of the body in alignment and relaxed.

Osteopaths see a range of conditions in children and teenagers including but not limited to back pain, headaches, posture problems, foot and leg pain, knee pain, walking difficulties and sports injuries.

Young people have usually experienced less trauma and stress in their lives than their adult counterparts, so relief from treatment often comes a lot sooner, with many childhood conditions only requiring 1-3 treatments for full resolution of symptoms.


The treatment given to teenagers will depend on many factors including how comfortable the individual is in the treatment room. The approach is usually gentle, similar to how a child would be treated, but some teens will be more responsive to a more adult-style structural treatment. However, spinal manipulation is very rarely used for anyone under 14 years of age at our clinic.  

A large part of the osteopathic consult with children/teenagers includes education, especially with the long hours children spend on computers and other electronic devices. Advice can be given on footwear, school bags, pillows, study set up, stretching and of course posture!