Or as we prefer to say, those who are past their youth, but not yet old! Osteopathic treatment can be a great help to those who are starting to feel their years. Chronic pain and lack of movement can be debilitating, but we often just dismiss the aches and pains as “just getting older”. The reality is that even though joints get their wear and tear, tissues loose hydration and flexibility diminishes, these are not prescriptive of having pain!

Osteopathic work aims to release recent strains as well as old unresolved tissue stressors to reduce stiffness, improve mobility and circulation and ultimately restore some vitality to the system.  The treatment style is very gentle, so the body can cope well with the changes, and this also allows the nervous system to let go of any stress it’s holding.  The osteopath will also provide exercises and advice to increase strength and balance. This is a crucial part of the consult for the overall aim is to keep you active and maintain the lifestyle you want.