Our focus and values

We believe that pregnancy (and birth) is the most amazing thing experienced by the body. This should be without pain or discomfort wherever possible and cause no harm to the baby. Osteopathy can have a part to play in this, with our ability to make pregnancy more enjoyable for those whose bodies are struggling to adjust to all the physical changes. We love working with women through this special stage of life, and feel privileged to play a small role in their pregnancy journey.

We also believe that in order to have to optimal chances of good health throughout your life, you need a good foundation to build on. This includes:

  • Good preconception and pregnancy nutrition/supplementation
  • Uncomplicated birth, preferably without intervention
  • Health birth weight
  • Skin to skin contact
  • Exclusive breastfeeding in early months if possible
  • Minimal exposure to antibiotics, medications, cigarette smoke
  • Child feeling loved, safe, nurtured, stimulated

Osteopathy obviously has its limits when it comes to the above! But we are still driven by these values and believe that a mother maintaining good health allows her to care for her newborn, without the hindrance of pain and immobility. Mothers may not put their own health first, but they shouldn’t neglect it altogether!


Team care

Finally we know that the best possible care includes a team approach, incorporating experts from different fields to help educate and support mothers during this time of transition. At Ferguson St Osteopathy we hold inter-practitioner relationships in high regard, as a crucial part of the care. Our osteopaths work in communication with midwives, lactation consultants, maternal and child health nurses, GPs, birth educators and other healthcare practitioners (including other osteopaths) to ensure the best care for you as well as the most up to date knowledge.