Pregnancy and Ferguson St Osteo


Here at Ferguson St Osteopathy we have a special focus on treating women through (& beyond) their pregnancies. We bring a passion for women’s and children’s health together with experience and a nurturing environment to offer a caring, personal experience for you and your baby.

We strongly believe that the most important determinant to a healthy life is a good start – and that beginning of life is through the mothers wellbeing. Our clinic offers osteopathic treatment, tailored to suit your individual story, to help alleviate the pains and discomforts felt during pregnancy and after birth. Research has shown osteopathy to be safe in pregnancy both on the mother and unborn child.

Osteopathy has been shown to reduce symptoms commonly felt in pregnancy such as low back pain & reduced movement (in as little as 2-4 treatments), pelvic pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Positive birth outcomes have also been shown in pilot studies to improve with prenatal osteopathic treatment including shortened duration of labour, reduced chance of having a preterm delivery, decreased use of forceps in delivery and more. However, more evidence is needed to further establish any solid relationship with osteopathic care and birth outcomes – we encourage this sort of research to go ahead! In addition to pain relief, our clinic offers advice, exercise education, pelvic supports/braces, supplements and pillows.

Why FSO?

  • Experience with pregnancy
  • Experience with children and infants
  • Consultation length allows time for thorough, individualised care
  • Birth education trained
  • Consultations with midwives, lactation consultants and more
  • Strong interest in women’s health
  • Gentle, versatile approach to treatment
  • Comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff
  • Q&A support between treatments – call, text, email, Facebook
  • Convenient, easy to find location
  • Nurturing enviroment
  • Quiet, calm, family friendly clinic
  • Pram, disability friendly
  • Breastfeeding welcome
  • Two child play areas