What to expect

On the day of consultation, the osteopath will begin by giving you an information sheet to fill out and consent form to read and sign. From there they will take an extensive case history, including a full medical history, so be sure to bring any information you have on previous injuries, medical conditions and major surgeries.

The osteopath will then perform a physical examination which involves looking at your posture, assessing movement in the joints, muscular tension and tissue quality in order to provide a working diagnosis. This assessment may include neurological and/or orthopaedic testing if deemed appropriate. Following this, the osteopath will explain what they think is going on and discuss the treatment plan with you, answering any queries you have. [If required, referral to another doctor or for imaging will occur at this stage.] 

Then the treatment will begin which will involve techniques such as massage, release of connective tissues, stretching, articulation and manipulation of joints and gentle balancing techniques.

After the treatment the osteopath will reassess the movements and pain levels and give advice on exercise, rest and hydration, which will aid your recovery. They will also tell you what you can expect to feel in the following days and how soon to make the follow up appointment.

At any point during the consultation you can change your mind about any technique being performed, or request more information if you are unsure about anything.

Please bring along:

  • Any x-rays, scans or investigation results that you have and think may be appropriate.
  • Private health insurance card
  • Any third party claim numbers/forms
  • Medicare EPC referral form if relevant

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes. It is possible that the practitioner may ask you to disrobe, depending on your condition, but you can choose not to if you wish. If you are to disrobe, you will be appropriately draped with towels throughout the treatment so that you feel comfortable.


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