New Patients

Thanks for considering us in your search for an osteo!

Our initial appointments last for 1 hour and follow-ups are 45minutes (for children, these times are a bit shorter – see more below). Within that time, the consultation involves history taking, examination, discussion of diagnosis, hands-on-treatment, and management which may include exercises, education, and other lifestyle advice.

We will do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable at every stage of the appointment.

What to expect on the day

The consult will involve taking an extensive case history, including a full medical history, a physical examination involving movements and observations, a discussion of diagnosis and treatment options, and finally treatment and management. We will tell you what to expect to feel following treatment and will discuss future appointment dates if required.

There will be plenty of time for questions you may have. If we think there is something more serious going on, we may refer you to another doctor.

Osteopathic treatment involves techniques such as massage and stretching of muscles, articulation, manipulation of joints, and more gentle balancing techniques. Many people find treatment enjoyable, but some techniques can be a little uncomfortable.

As well as physical treatment, we will educate you on your pain, and give rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle advice to help you with your complaint.

Please ensure you wear comfortable, flexible clothing that you can move in (such as leggings and singlet, or track pants). We may ask you to remove some layers of clothing, but you can say no if you are not comfortable doing so.

Please remember that at any point during the consult, you can say no to a technique being performed or request more information. For more on this, we have a blog post about consent in healthcare, which you can read here.

Please bring along the following (if relevant):

  • A doctor or allied health referral letter
  • X-rays, scans, or investigation results
  • Private health insurance card
  • Medicare care plan referral form
  • Third-party claim numbers/forms (TAC, Workcover)


Please see the contact page for information on parking, train, bike, and bus access.

There is a 25cm high step at our front door. If you require ramp access, please let us know at the time of booking and we will ensure our portable ramp is in place before you arrive. Internally there is another rise, with a permanent ramp in place.

Prams are welcome in the clinic and bikes can be brought inside or put behind the gate in the front yard.

Breastfeeding is welcome in any part of the clinic, but if you prefer privacy, please let our staff know and they will direct you to a private area. There is a baby change table available.

Therapy dogs are also welcome.

Pricing (2024)

Initial Consulation


1 hour

$140 / $115 conc.


1 hour



45 minutes


Complex or

75 minutes


Subsequent Consulation


45 minutes

$110 / $90 conc.


45 minutes



30 minutes


Complex or

60 minutes



Check-up post-visit (15min)

Extra administration work

Extra phone calls/emails

Report writing

Payment Methods

HICAPS and EFTPOS facilities are available for instant private health rebates, Medicare rebates, and card payments.

Private health rebates apply with all funds.

We accept EPC, DVA, TAC, NDIS, and Workcover clients.

Concession types we accept: Health Care Card.

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