Privacy Policy

Ferguson Street Osteopathy Privacy Policy

Last updated May 2021

Information we collect: health history pertaining to not just the complaint in question but broader health history, identifying details such as name, address, phone number, email address, next of kin and their contact details, appointment dates and times, payment details, text messages, emails, imaging reports, referral information, and referral letters.

Information is all stored on our secure, cloud-based clinic software, Cliniko. You can see their privacy measures here:

Information is only accessible by staff of the practice, who have individual password-secured logons. Your treating practitioners can access all of your data, but support/reception staff can only access contact details and messages, not your health information.

We also store your intake forms and paper reports in a key-locked filing cabinet. These are only accessed in emergencies where we are unable to utilise computer records. Referrals and outcome measures data are also retained in paper copy, as well as stored in the web-based program Cliniko.

Patient letters are at times saved in word documents on password-secured computers that only individual practitioners have access to.

We use a security camera for safety purposes in the waiting room. Video files are saved for 2-3 weeks before automatically erasing unless kept for suspicious circumstances. If for any reason these are passed on to police, and you feature in them, you will be notified.

All staff take the utmost care to protect your privacy, around all health, social and other matters that may be sensitive to you. If, despite our best efforts, something is discussed with you in a public space in the clinic that you are uncomfortable with – please speak up.

You will have the chance to sign a consent form, allowing us to record your health information, as described above. You can withdraw consent at any time, or request that some information not be recorded, despite being shared with your health practitioner.

Your data may be used for case studies, research or to be used in tertiary teaching, in a de-identified manner, where no information that will link to you will be disclosed. You will have an option to opt-out if this is not something you are comfortable with.

You will also have a chance to opt-in for practice marketing. We send out newsletters via email – no more than 5 per year. For this, we use the secure email service Mailchimp, see their privacy policy here: We do not send marketing text messages, but we have used this service to notify of clinic closures during the covid-19 pandemic.

There are also three additional levels of consent that may be requested given case particulars. These are for collection of or sharing of your medical records with another registered health practitioner (i.e. GP clinic), access to imaging reports, and for use of images if we photograph you for any marketing or teaching purpose.

Note that we are still under obligations for mandatory reporting if we have reasonable grounds to believe that a child is in need of protection from physical injury or sexual abuse. In addition, if the practitioner has significant concerns for your safety due for example psychotic episodes or mentions of homicide or suicidal plans, then they may also refer on for immediate care.

You have the right to request correction of the data if it is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant, or misleading.

If you feel that your privacy has been breached, or you have a question or complaint about how we collect or store your information, please let us know. You can contact our privacy officer Jade Chand-Aldous or practice owner, Julie Hjorth. Please know we take your concerns seriously and will act promptly to manage your complaint.

Contact details:
Phone – 03 9397 3263
Mobile – 0415 412 500
Email –

Thank you

Julie Hjorth, practice owner Ferguson St Osteopathy